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Thoughts from an Uneducated Blogger and Updates

Posted by Flood on April 29, 2006


Poetic Justice has extended the contest again, to May 5th. Your choice of theme, 100-1000 words. Judging criteria can be found here.

Congratulations to Jamie Ford, winner of the "Two Lights" contest from The Clarity of Night. Thanks again to Jason Evans for hosting and sponsoring a great contest, with an interesting theme that saw wonderful interpretations. Jason promises more contests in the months to come.

My Blogging week in Review:

I have been lurking in the Absolute Writer's Forum for a few weeks and found out yesterday that the board is owned by Jenna Glatzer, whose book I read last week.
I found out a lot of blogs dedicate an enormous amount of time to publishing do's, don'ts and wishes.
I found out that everyone already knows who JA Konrath and Jennifer Crusie are.
I found out about writing carnivals and contests and Tobias Wolff and that everyone has better ideas than I do.

I feel like a little kid.

I did make some contacts with new people, and I commented on blogs, even though I was afraid of sounding stupid. (I also found out that I should double check my typing 15 times before submitting.)

There is this whole little ant colony of people blogging with less than six degrees of separation. It's really incredible. It's also overwhelming for a new user to get ahead of system. Ideas and articles spread so fast, I am the last to find out about them. When I do find out, I want to share it with someone else, but all the someones already know.

All in all, it's exciting to make my way through the community, and catch little treasures that can be mine too, so I can be named among 'everyone'.


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