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The Valet

Posted by Flood on April 30, 2006

Daily Prompt Entry

He parks the blue car next to the green one at the end of the row and counts the cars quietly to himself. Out of the corner of his eye, he is aware that his mother is watching him. He counts outloud again, and then decides to show off his Polish:


He looks to his mother and she smiles at him. She asks him if he would like to go for a walk, but he doesn't answer. He is parking cars again, in a different manner this time; end to end, rather than side by side.

"A train?" his mother asks. He nods and holds up a red car in her direction. She stands up and, taking the car, joins him on the floor. "Choo-choo," she says. Choo-choo, he repeats and giggles.

They both hear the garage door open, and look in the same direction. He drops to his belly.

"Tell Daddy I am a snake," he says and hisses. The boy's mother stands up and tickles him with her toes. He holds his breath because snakes do not laugh. She chuckles softly and puts the cars away, so Daddy won't step on them.


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