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Did you write like a winner today?

Posted by Flood on May 7, 2006

I am still wavering on condensing the blog or not. I like the idea of what I got going here, but I suspect it's difficult to navigate. I've seen other blogs that simply catergorize, but I don't think that's a feature with Blogger?

Anyway, in review, I found a fantastic blog that compiles flash and short fiction contests. It's set up in a great way, with a calendar view of what contest is due when. I know Ms Snark says contests ultimately mean nothing as far as getting published, but I think it's a great way to practice meeting deadlines. It can also provide motivation, making contact with like-minded people and putting your work out there to be seen.

It's also good to thicken your skin as far as rejection goes. Woohoo!

I just like setting a goal (i.e., I will write this and have it done and sent in by this date) and being proud of the fact that it was simply completed.

In that vein, I am trying for this contest at Desdemona.com. I have a week and it looks like a fun thing to attempt. I love hard-boiled pulp fiction, but I am not sure I can write it. New goal! If I finish it, and send it in on time, I'll feel like I won. Wish me luck.

[post script: It's stupid that the blogger spell check recognizes neither "blog" or "Snark"]


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