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Evil Stats

Posted by Flood on May 11, 2006

If you haven't checked it out yet, go see Evil Editor's contest and play (link in side bar). Some of my plot summaries are there but I can't tell you which ones until he announces the real ones.

Time for some math:

I'm wondering what the point in having a statistics counter is with these kind of numbers. Mine does not include visits from myself or Mr. Flood. To date (I think I started this thing April 24th? That may have been when the counter was installed) I have had 436 visitors. If I do not include people blog surfing, that is those who stay for 0 seconds, then the number is reduced to half-ish at 218. If I take out repeated visits, like, the same people who come by daily and count them only once, then I have to reduce the number again by 30%. So that's…uhhh…140? Then if I discount the people who have come by for more than a minute but didn't actually outclick or read anything, that brings me to 47 visitors that came here on purpose and read something or clicked a link.

Am I ready for advertising yet?

I'm not concerned. I would be okay with a small group of people coming by to see if there is anything new. Why do you use a counter? What kind of information are you looking for?

My favourite referral by far is someone looking for "how funeral homes work" on google. Sadly, I didn't help out much.


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