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Hardboiled Oddities

Posted by Flood on May 11, 2006

After much moaning and gnashing of teeth trying to work on an entry for the Hardboiled Contest, I received these two Mickey Spillane books as a gift of motivation. One is a Mike Hammer and the other is a Dogeron Kelly (The Erection Set). I haven't read any Kelly yet, so I am excited to get right on it. I judge books by the first two lines, and by that test they are bound to be good. Someone is almost dead by the second line of Survival Zero. Yay. Brain candy.

I think this means, however, I will not be meeting my goal for the Desdmona.com contest. Entries are due by the 15th, and I doubt I can get the right tone and a good story done by then. I might be too critical of my own work, but I don't think I am getting the style down right yet. I've tried different directions three times. There's something to knowing what I can't do, though. It makes me appreciate better what I can .

Other people do amazing things with words. I've collected some of their odd and difficult writing here for your perusal.

A Book With No E's
Article about a Book With No Verbs
Palindrome Story in 2002 Words
More Oddities

I know Gadsby has been around a long time but this was the first I'd seen of it, in its entirity, online. A more frustrating effort I cannot imagine. Well, maybe this.


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