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Posted by Flood on May 13, 2006

I wrote two new flashes today, both based on the same prompt. Actually, they are the same story, told in different way with different endings. I am daring to suck, folks. Take a look and let me know what you think.

The Spillane books are fraught with errors. Letters missing, format wrong on several pages, but I am still loving the campy style. My preoccupation with it reminds me of watching infomercials, in which the acting is so bad, you can’t stop watching.

This picture is a scan example of the notes I take when writing a story. I still love to write things out longhand, but it’s not practical. Taking notes on paper satisfies that earthy need in me. Jaye recently discussed a more technologically sound way of taking notes. I’d try it, but I am already drowning in technology as it is. I’m a simple kid. I am also not the brightest star in the sky, so when I finally get it together with the blogging, maybe I’ll see about better ways of taking notes. How do you take notes? Do you miss putting pen to paper?

Don’t forget to send love and kisses to the mother in your life. Tomorrow, my thoughts will be with Moms who’ve lost their children and children who have no Mom. If you have no Mom, consider adopting one in a local senior’s home or relying on an Aunt or your favourite wise old woman for sage advice. If you think she’s nuts, then you are in good company with those that do have mothers.


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