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Feel Free to Comment

Posted by Flood on May 18, 2006

I am the Queen of Typos. If I can screw up a word, I will. A new IM pal suffers patiently through my brutal mangling of the English language. I am readying myself for her to hurl curses at me the next time I write,'woah! greta wrok on yor glob!' I have lots of excuses for why this is a problem for me, but the bottom line is that it has to be painful to read my words in real time.

Thankfully comments allow for time for re-reading before posting. Thus, one would think, I could correct all my typos prior to posting and come off as being a somewhat literate person. This is not so, gentle reader. My eye will not see my error until I've committed and pressed 'submit.' I'm thinking about pasting a header in each comment I make that reads "THIS POSTER IS MORE INTELLIGENT THAN HER WORDS WOULD HAVE YOU BELIEVE."

Another thing about comments is deciding what to say. For instance, I read a great blogger daily. Entertaining and intelligent, the entries can flow from moving to hilarious. (Yes, I am talking about you.) I want to comment, but I have nothing to add. Thing is, I feel that not commenting after appreciating a good entry is almost rude. People spend time sharing their stories or thoughts on things, and typically do so in the hopes of some related discussion. If all I have to offer is 'I read this entry,' that might be a disappointment and the blogger might feel I've wasted their time.

Sometimes, I have the opposite problem. The entry can leave me with so much to say that I don't know when to stop. I leave a 4 foot long comment that no one should have to read, especially if I miss typos. I'm considering drawing a line in the comment field before I type and making it a personal rule not to type past it. For someone who hopes to make a living at writing someday, I am neither concise, nor have I perfected my art when it comes to on-the-fly composition.

Do you have any bad commenting habits? Do you write too much or too little? What do you do when you read a great entry that deserves a comment, but you have nothing to add? Do you save comments for the best entries, or are you free with them?

As for me, don't be surprised if you see my comments looking like this from now on:


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