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Posted by Flood on May 19, 2006

Thanks to her Majesty, Queen Victoria, it's a long weekend in Canada. I will be taking the time to catch up on writing and cleaning up the garden. Pool opens next week! I won't be posting again until Tuesday, but it's more than likely I'll be visiting your blog when I am frustrated by my Inner Critic.

In the meantime, I have a question. Is there a blog that interviews other bloggers in the writing community? I've been thinking about doing this. Some of you are so interesting, that I would love know more about you and your work. If I want to know more, I am sure others do too.

If there is such a project, let me know. If not, would you consider opening up to share yourself with other writers on various roads in this journey? Interviews would be conducted by email or IM, and topics would include, blogging, writing, and your feelings on Canada's Head of State. (There will be a test.)

It would be up to you to decide if the interview appears here, on your own blog or both. One of the reasons I think this would be fun is when I fantasize about being published, I always think about the first interview. That will be when I know I've made it. I rehearse how I'll answer questions and think about how the interviewer will fall completely in love with my wit and joie de vivre. I will chuckle politely and define grace. I will not spill my chai tea on my carefully selected outfit…. Uh. Anyway, it's something that inspires me to write because I am looking forward to that experience. If we are all writers prior to publication, (and we are) why not practice the interview now? Plus, you never know; you might just inspire someone else.


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