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Cheesy Adventures of Potential Proofreaders

Posted by Flood on May 23, 2006

There many ways to tell a story and I have experimented with a new one. This is a more personal story, but I have some ideas for telling some fiction this way. Check it out, and don't mind me for being a cheesy mom.

Sir Authur Conan Doyle is one of my favourite authors. I love Watson's retelling of his adventures with Holmes. I enjoy the humour and, of course, a good mystery is hard to put down. Yesterday was Doyle's birthday and there is no better way to celebrate than to enjoy his work. You can find The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes at Project Gutenburg in text here or in audio here.

Project Gutenburg distributes eBooks. Free and powered completely by volunteers, it is an online library of works that are public domain in the U.S., or with permission by the copyright owner. They accept monetary donations, but they also have a need for hard workers. If you want to help proofread a book, procure eligible paper books, or burn CDs and DVDs for people without internet access, the project is looking for you. Like you don't have enough proofreading to do…


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