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Posted by Flood on May 24, 2006

Anyone else use RSS feeds for blogs? I don't trust mine. The computer is just gonna magically tell me about someone updating? Suuuure.

Anyway, I've started the blogger interviews, watch for them to begin weekly, this coming Monday. If you haven't been contacted about your interview yet, but you showed interest by commenting on my post about them, worry not. The invasive questions are coming. If you are new to the blog and want to be interviewed or want more info, leave a comment or email me.

The interviews and the recent posts of my friend Fringes has me thinking about personal entries in blogging. Some of us rarely refer to our daily lives, children, job and keep the blog's theme strictly about writing. Some of us intertwine our lives with our writing and post about both. Some of us will rarely refer to writing, but use the blog as an outlet for fun essays or finger stretching before getting to work.

There is no right or wrong way. Sometimes I feel, though, that I am taking a chance when I post about something personal. I think I could be risking readers who want to read about what we have in common rather than what seperates us.

Yes, we all have some form of family and we all struggle through life (happily or otherwise). We have that in common. If I decide to use this as a personal diary rather than a way to connect with people in the writing community, then there's really little point in making it public. On the other hand, it's just not in me to keep it only to one subject. I want to do that, but it's a struggle. I'm not prolific enough of a writer to showcase my work all the time. I've got one big project and sometimes I get creative and do small ones. I want to learn more about writing, but I don't always have the right questions to ask to make a decent entry. I am still new so the blog is going to reflect that for a while.

So if I am going to do both, heavy on the writing, a little personal on the side, is it going to put my blog somewhere in the no-theme-zone?

Today marks one month since I started at blogspot. It's been informative, entertaining and, best of all, I am really enjoying the company. When you read my words, you affirm that I have something to say and for one minute of your day, it's important. Thank you. And thanks also for sharing some of you with all of us.


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