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Game Walkers

Posted by Flood on May 25, 2006

Game today is Answer/Ask. In comments, answer the question above yours, and ask one for the commentor below you. Play all day. Tell your friends. Make a new friend. Have some fun.

The weather has been pretty good so Mister and I have resumed our after-dinner walks. This is how one went recently:

M-"What's with all the bugs? Big enough to knock a kid of his bike"
F-"I could write a story about that"
M-"Can you develop a pollen allergy as you age?"
F- "I don't think Evil Editor would like a query about giant bugs though."
F- "Nothing."
M-"Look at that graffitti. Is nothing free from marring anymore?"
F- "That's chalk, honey. It's called 'hopscotch.'"
M-"Damn kids."
F- "I wonder about you sometimes."
F-"When we don't spend enough time together, you act very old."
M-"Maybe you are the fountain of my youth?"
F-"That's a nice thing to say. Can we walk a little faster?"
M-"Are you trying to kill me? I prefer a stroll to a power walk."
F-"This is like the hundred-yard mosey."
M-"It's peaceful though. Think the kids are killing each other?"
F- "Uh huh."
M- "People who don't clean up after their dogs disgust me."
F-"Where?" *concerned face for cute shoes*
M- "I am just saying."
F- "Let these people pass us, they have a stroller." *people zoom by*
M-"I don't know why everyone is in such a hurry these days."
F-"Well you just enjoy yourself, that's all that matters."
M-"You should write a story about me."
F-"Should I?"
M-"Why not? Am I not interesting?"
F-"Of course you are."
M-"Why do you take me out for walks just so you can tell me I am dull?"
F-"Did I say that?"
M-"The kids think I am interesting."
F-"The kids think you are their Grandpa."
M-"Aha! So you do think I am boring."
F-"I'm kidding you. You're very interesting. I'll write something about you."
M-"We should spend more time together like this."
F-"Only 17 years to go and it can always be like this."

It's weird when a week sort of separates you from you favourite person. A sense of humour is really all that keeps us together sometimes, with so many other things going on. When you are struggling with your big project, be sure to have someone you can lean on that will make you forget all about it for a little while. I mean, forget completely about it and stop beating yourself up. Later, it could be the key to fresh eyes and newfound motivation. That's Flood's Tip of the Day™. Thanks for laughing with me, Mister.


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