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Manly Pool Interviews

Posted by Flood on May 27, 2006

We had a chipmunk run through our house today, which was very exciting to the four children that live here. And the dog. And Mister, who got to be a stealthy hunter in finding the petit wildlife. Mister also troubleshooted a pool problem on his own and was very proud of himself. It lead to the quote of the day:

I am so manly it sometimes hurts my heart.

I hope to use that line in a story.

I don't have much else to report this weekend. I want to mention quickly that FlashFlood is introducing a new series called Bloggers – The Interviews. Watch this space every Monday for interviews with bloggers who share advice, victories and defeats. The point of this feature is to help us all feel less alone in writing. Monday, May 29th sees our first subject, Jason Evans.

I hope all American readers have a safe and happy Memorial Day.


May God bless the fallen and their families


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