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Writely Game Intentions

Posted by Flood on June 2, 2006

Forgive the long post, but the short week is making play me catch-up and I wasn't even invited to the holiday.

I am making some great headway into my current project. This is partly in thanks to having the interview ready to go on Monday and giving me little to think about when it comes to blogging. I learned a lot from Jason, and a little something about the interview process. Jason and I worked on this via email, but I have since decided to use Writely, from here on out. A web based word processor, users can collaborate on a document together. Revisions can be compared to the original and it saves time. Interviewees can work on their answers at their leisure, while I format, so they get a glimpse of how it's going to look. Jaye was the first to use Writely for this project with me, and I think it will make a difference in presentation. Look for her interview next week. If you would like to get your own Writely account, (currently by invitation only) leave a comment or email me. It's a great tool for having an online friend edit your novel while you watch.

My original intent was to post the interviews on the main page for one day and provide the permalink. Because of the holiday, all you yanks were off BBQing, so I left the interview up this time for two days and was pleased by the response. On behalf of Jason and I, thanks to everyone who took the time to read it.

I had a lot of fun working on the video I posted this week. The idea was to illustrate how I avoid the work when it becomes difficult for me. My mind races at the other, 'more important' things that need doing. If I have to describe an outdoor setting, you're darned tooting that the toilets will be cleaned first. And the garage, and the stove, and the chimney… Ever feel like that?

The video itself was a distraction, to be sure. During filming, Mister says to me, "You know, I could take pictures of you actually washing those pots!"

"Not now," I said, waving him away. "I'm working."

This week's game continues. You guys are funny. I should really read Konrath before I post anything, though.

In blogger-pal news, Scott deserves a pat on the back for finishing his Carnival story in time for a contest. When you take the time to read it, look at his previous entries that describe his anguish and excitement in creating it. I am really happy for you, Scott!

Jaye, as I mentioned, has a special day here on Monday, with her interview, but she also starts a surprise feature on her blog Wednesday, so stay tuned.

Melly has a great blog, with lots of valuable information. I am glad she stopped by this week. Check it out.

Lorelle on WordPress is my resource for all things blogging. She puts an amazing amount of work into compiling information for users, not only for WordPress, but other blogging sites. I cannot plug her enough. She recently discussed what it takes to blog , but closer to my heart, some reasons why all of you should have Firefox. If this blog is not uniform in font, it's because you do not use Firefox. Why do you hate me?

Have a wonderful weekend.


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