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Pay Attention, Kids

Posted by Flood on June 6, 2006

In grade three, I was easily distracted. I had selective hearing and was often lost in my own imagination. I was a princess or a pirate, depending on my mood, but I was rarely Flood, 'cause that's no fun. So, I often humiliated myself because I wasn't on the same page as everyone else.

I will share with you what turned that around. In class, Mr. Hunt was diagramming sentences for us. Terribly boring and a perfect reason to day dream. I half listened to his drone in case my name was called, but was lost in a world of pioneers, in wagon caravan to settle western Canada. The natives were sure to attack just as Mr. Hunt was recapping.

"So. Who can tell us what a noun is? Flood?"

"Yes?" Stunned bunny wakes up.

"What is a noun?"

My brain rewinds the tape and I am searching for the info. I am positive I know this. The answer clicks.

"A person who plays with their thing?"

It wasn't until I was 12 that I figured out why he laughed so hard. Or why my mother did when I told her of the day's news. Still, I knew they were laughing at me and not with me, so I tried to pay better attention after that.

I am sure most of you were young when the writing bug bit you. The joy of writing was reward itself and getting the story out was all that mattered. Publishing wasn't a consideration, it was just getting praise from one person that made you keep going.

I wanna remind some of you why you do this and bring you back to those days of pure creativity and fun. To that end, I present:

Little Puddle

She's 12, and she's a writer. She's also sad that no one but me has commented on her blog yet. And one of my comments included a threat to ground her if she didn't use the blog wisely. She was as excited to open the blog as I was when I made Flashing In The Gutters, yesterday. (Shameless plug via inappropriate segue.) You don't have to go through all her work so far, but throw the kid a bone, huh?

In Jason's interview, he mentioned one of his first stories he wrote as a kid, that got him excited about writing. Do you recall writing as a kid? What were your stories like? Did you get lost in them? Ever draw pictures to accompany your masterpiece? Did you keep any?

Let's hear it.


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