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Game Thursday

Posted by Flood on June 7, 2006

It's interesting to think about what messages were missed with Blogger's outage yesterday. Maybe someone waxed so poetic it would move others to tears. Maybe a flame war was averted. Perhaps a declaration of love was made and lost, which, in the end, was best. It might have passed that the funniest comment ever written was shipped out into the ether, never to be recaptured again. We'll never know.

Because, with Blogger, you get what you pay for.

All that aside, now, because it's Thursday and today's game isn't really a game at all. I am gonna test your mettle. Don't wimp out on me today. As in, do not.

In a conversation with a pal recently, we talked about our future selves. The daydream game was really moving, because it happened during a time we were both feeling low about our writing. It was uplifting in the moment. You may not require such an inspiration right now, but chances are you will later, so make this good.

Write a brief paragraph describing you-the-author in 10, 20 or 30 years from now. It should read like a blurb encapsulating your writing career. It's not an obituary. It could be the introductory paragraph to an interview or the About, on the backflap of your novel. You get the idea.

I'll go first in case you're chicken:

Flood turns the everyday into magic with her unique perspective of life. Her latest novel is Down From the Mountain. Her belief that in every evil there is virtue and every good can enable bad is what transports her work into a place readers can recognize in their own lives. Seven novels behind her, she writes on, spinning tales of the ordinary turned extraordinary world around us. Her best-seller status is supported by die hard Floodlings

Flood and her husband live in the Muskoka Highlands of Ontario, where they enjoy life's mysteries without having to worry about paying bills. She rarely gives interviews.

This is where I hope to be in about twenty years. I'd like also to be a grandmother, but I have no control over that portion of my life.


OK! It's your turn. Give us a glimpse of your writing future in a few lines. Where do you hope to be? How do you hope to be perceived? What do you hope they say about you? Make it third person, please. Less chance of "I hope's" or "I think's."


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