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Friday Round-Up

Posted by Flood on June 23, 2006

Bernita's interview was another success. Thanks once again to her for being a great subject. I've added a link in the sidebar that lists all the interviews in the series, so if you ever miss one you can catch up. You'll note that Little Puddle's interview is listed there as well. When I started the series, she asked me for an interview right away. "I promise to dress up and use the biggest words I know," she said. She didn't actually dress up, but her words are pretty good. Melly spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday sharing her editing process and compiled a list of writerly traps we all fall into. Look for your errors and add your own. We can always benefit from knowing what mistakes to look for in our work. First Drafts is a group blog to get the writing juices flowing. I've recently become a member, but have yet to post. Their explanation:

First Drafts is a collaborative blog aimed at providing writers with a place to share their work on any subject they like. (Near-) daily writing prompts are emailed to you to provide guidance or inspiration.

Thanks to Writing Blind for the link. For those of you that enjoy Flash Fiction, Fringes found SmokeLong's latest edition interesting. Their Link page provides a huge repository of e-zines, if you are looking for somewhere to submit. Whim's Place offers contest tips in Flash Fiction 101 but I think some of these points could apply to e-zines as well. Speaking of contests, I would like to again plug Sally Q's excellent Contest Calendar. That's where I found the deathlings.com contest to which I referred Scott, from Hard to Want. Scott's interview will be posted on Monday, don't miss it. For those writing with the intention of selling your work (I think we all hope do that one day), Cavan's thoughts on writing for markets or finding a market to suit your work could be of interest. Is there more integrity in doing one or the other? Let him know what you think. Finally, a round-up just wouldn't be a round-up without Lorelle From WordPress. This week she explains how to look at our stats relative to posting schedules. If you don't get weekly stat reports in your inbox, you should. That information can influence how you gain readers and comments if used well. I'm going to spend some time deciphering my own stats, based on Lorelle's theories. No matter how long you have been blogging, you can always do something improve. That's it! Have a great weekend.


One Response to “Friday Round-Up”

  1. Flood said

    I said it over there and I’ll say it here: she is renewing my faith as a writer. Thank you, again.
    Rebecca S. | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 11:59 pm | #

    Flood: I agree with Rebecca. You are a wonderful resource for writing and community-building. You challenge us all to be better writers. Thanks for creating such a welcoming and encouraging space.

    Nice new comment graphics, by the way. Did I miss this yesterday? It’s groovy.
    fringes | Homepage | 06.16.06 – 8:08 am | #

    Gravatar Your blog is blossoming Flood. Seriously. This is more than just a journal.
    Scott | Homepage | 06.16.06 – 8:53 am | #

    What a great interview with Little Puddle! She’s so impressive for her age.

    I know she has to be closely supervised on the wild frontier of the internet, but I do look forward to seeing her out and about on writer blogs.
    Jason Evans | Homepage | 06.16.06 – 9:43 am | #

    Gravatar Thanks everyone. Part of the appeal of this community is the learning process. Click the links and learn something new, or make a new blogger pal.
    Jason thanks for reading that interview. My fave thing she said was after I asked what she hoped for her writing as she grew up and she said,”Maybe I could enter a contest or be on my Mum’s blog.”
    Kinda cracked me up.
    I’ll go through some blogs that are perpetually PG-rated and maybe get her a small blogroll. I just don’t want her to make people crazy with comments. (The interaction is the most exciting thing for her. For us all, huh?)
    Flood | Homepage | 06.16.06 – 10:22 am | #

    Gravatar Wow Flood, what a great interview with your daughter. You must be so proud

    Great round-up, will soon go clicking.

    (Of course, when I read “Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday,” I turned completely red.)
    melly | Homepage | 06.16.06 – 10:39 am | #

    Gravatar No, no Melly, it was a great week on your blog. People should see the topic from start to finish. I think your idea of starting a Writer’s Confessional is great.
    Flood | Homepage | 06.16.06 – 10:54 am | #

    Thanks for the plug of Fringes’ reviews and of SmokeLong. Hope people enjoy the reviews and the mag.
    Dave | Homepage | 06.17.06 – 3:20 am | #

    Gravatar Hey Flood-

    Interesting subject. I check my stats on a daily basis and try hard to glean something useful from the results. I’ve found that the weekends tend to be the “downtime” for me. Not sure why.
    I had a few days last week that reached over 180 visitors. That’s alot of people. Just having a look around and wanted to thank you for the link.
    There’s some great stuff here.

    michaelm | Homepage | 06.17.06 – 7:41 am | #

    Gravatar Welcome back Michael.

    I spent the morning crunching some numbers to see what I could find, but I only have six weeks to work with. Also, I have no idea how to figure out when I get the most comments, other than going through the archives and averaging it out.

    What I did do with the few numbers I have is find the average of unique, new and returning visitors since I began. I also thought that weekends were slow and decided not to post during that time. To my surprise, my average Saturday and Sunday returning visitors is 11.1. I think there is no point in counting the unique or first time visitors, since the weekend sees a lot of ‘next blog’ surfing.

    While 11 is not a lot of people, it’s enough to make me reconsider weekend posting. My highest number of returning vistors is 25 (avg since starting) on Thursdays, but that doesn’t really count, because that’s Game day and people play often.

    So while I doubt I will ever gain a lot of readers on weekends, I could gain *some* and maybe they would stay throughout the week?

    All in all the numbers say little to me since FlashFlood is still so new. I’ll try to work it out again in 3 months, when things should settle into a normal cycle.

    180 visitors is a lot of readers, Michael. Have you been able to find what posts encouraged that? Or something else that increased your numbers? Would love to hear what you think is making your stats rise. Other than, you know, the fact that you have a great blog.
    Flood | Homepage | 06.17.06 – 11:31 am | #

    Gravatar Great post, Flood. Thank you. Lots of “food.”
    Will go now and read Little Puddles’ interview.
    Bernita | Homepage | 06.17.06 – 1:49 pm | #

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