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Game Thursday

Posted by Flood on June 23, 2006

Today's game will be entirely in dialogue. Haloscan was a little nutty yesterday, so try to be gentle with it. In this game, John and Martha are speaking. You must give one line to each. Nothing outside of the quotations marks except he said or she retorted (for example) is permitted. Always identify who is talking. Play now and play often. We'll try to keep it cohesive, but who knows what fresh hell will befall us today. I wanted to do a mad lib this week but I can't think of a way to play it on the blog. Here's a place to make your own. Let us know if you come up with a good one, by posting a link in comments. I will now begin the dialogue for John and Martha. *ahem* "John, dear. Would you be kind enough to pass the salt, darling?" Martha asked. "Get your own damn salt, woman," John yelled. ….and we're off….


One Response to “Game Thursday”

  1. Flood said

    “Why don’t I get it and stick up your ass, you sorry son of a bitch?” Martha cooed.

    “Woman, don’t make me regulate,” John warned.
    Jaye Wells | Homepage | 06.14.06 – 11:38 pm | #

    Gravatar “I doubt you would say such a thing if this table was shorter,” chortled Martha.

    “You want me to come over there right now,” John inquired.
    Flood | Homepage | 06.14.06 – 11:44 pm | #

    Gravatar “Please, the last time you interrupted a meal, Nixon was in office, fat boy,” Martha taunted.

    “Now that’s the big, fat pot calling the kettle black,” John retorted.
    Jaye Wells | Homepage | 06.14.06 – 11:57 pm | #

    “Which is exactly why you don’t need more salt.” Martha replied.

    John harumphed, “Trying to further shrivel up that slug’s face of yours, darling?”
    Mitch | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 12:49 am | #

    Gravatar “Yes. Simply because you’ve taught me all I need to know about things that shrivel, John,” Martha sarcastically replied.

    “You didn’t seem to complain last night, Martha. How come you’re so bitchy today?”
    michaelm | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 8:10 am | #

    Gravatar “You’ll have to forgive me, John, my mind has been elsewhere of late,” pleaded Martha.

    “What seems to be the problem, darling? You know that in spite of our lover’s spats, you can tell me anything,” John swore.
    Flood | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 8:20 am | #

    Gravatar “All right,” Martha said, “I’m having an affair.”

    “Really,” John said, “What’s her name?”
    Scott | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 8:41 am | #

    Gravatar “You’re a freak,” Martha laughed.
    “I’m a freak for you, woman,” John growled.
    Jaye Wells | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 9:24 am | #

    Gravatar “My affair isn’t really with a person, to be honest,” confessed Martha.

    “If it has anything to do with animals, this conversation is over,” threatened John.
    Flood | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 9:35 am | #

    Gravatar “Will you please listen? This is serious,” she insisted.

    “Okay, what is it?” John sobered.
    Jaye Wells | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 9:55 am | #

    Gravatar “My affair isn’t with a person or an animal or anything like that. It’s with eBay. John, I’m addicted to online auctions!” she declared.

    “Goddamit, all the build up just to tell me you’ve got a shopping problem?” John railed.
    HACK | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 10:00 am | #

    “Well, actually I kind of sold you,” Martha said.

    “What? Dear Mother of God! Doesn’t Ebay filter out body parts and that sort of thing?”
    Jason Evans | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 11:38 am | #

    Gravatar “Sure,” Martha said, “but this is a little different. You are basically going to be a sperm donor, and not the artificial kind.”

    “I won’t do it,” John said. “I’m curious though, did they buyer send a long a picture?”
    Scott | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 12:56 pm | #

    Gravatar “Well, yes there is a picture butbefore I show you, you should know this is an experiment of sorts, in the cloning community. Very hush-hush,” confided Martha.

    “I am being cloned,” bellowed John.
    Flood | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 1:03 pm | #

    Gravatar “Not exactly cloned. Part of an exciting new hybrid,” Martha expounded.

    “Martha! Give it to me straight! What is going on?” John begged.
    Flood | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 4:24 pm | #

    “Well, you know I love to talk about how you’re one of the most filthy people I’ve every known. Yet, you absolutely NEVER get sick. Never! It’s really astounding when you think about it. By all rights, you should have bubonic plague.”

    “I know what you’re going to say!” John said. “It’s about the bird flu, isn’t it? I saw the reports in the news. They want to fuse human DNA to an iguana. The offspring will produce antibodies in their salivary glands. Jesus, that ROCKS! I thought you might be talking animals, but I never dreamed it might be a freakin’ iguana!”
    Jason Evans | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 7:02 pm | #

    Gravatar “Honey, the thing is, in your saving other people with your sperm’s dna, you will have to lose a part of yourself. Bear in mind that your sacrifice will be
    remembered and praised by generations to come,” counselled Martha.

    “What? Which part? I’ll lose a part of myself? Explain,” John stammered.
    Flood | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 7:55 pm | #

    Gravatar “Well, you see, it IS an iguana, after all. It’s much, you know, smaller,” Martha said. “Certain adjustments need to be made.”

    “I don’t feel so well all of sudden. Is the room tilting sideways?”
    jason evans | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 10:39 pm | #

    “Really, dear,” Martha cooed, “You needn’t worry so. The practice of Voudon has made great advancements since it’s creation. I’m told the Priestess is very powerful.”

    “Priestess?” John stammered, “You sold my sperm to a voodoo Priestess!?!?!”
    Mitch | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 10:52 pm | #

    Gravatar “It’s like Voodoo, but a bit different. Ever heard of the Raelians? Anyway, they were the highest bidder at $65,971. Hardly chicken feed. Quite worth your epidermis, don’t you think?” Martha grinned.

    “You get away from me,” cried John, “my skin is gonna stay where it belongs!”
    Flood | Homepage | 06.15.06 – 10:59 pm | #

    “Oh, calm down!” Martha admonished. “You’re acting as though I sould your brain to Hannibal Lector…although someone with that tag name was the second highest bidder…”

    John choked, “What? Please…tell me you at least checked references or something?”
    Mitch | Homepage | 06.17.06 – 6:52 am | #

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