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Stories and Friends

Posted by Flood on June 23, 2006

I'll remind you again on Friday's Round-Up, but Jason Evans (The Clarity of Night) is hosting another contest, with great prizes and a new theme. It begins on Wednesday, so get your thinking caps on and your pencils ready because it's going to be fun.

I just started this blog a few days before Jason's last contest and that was where I came to know some of you who read FlashFlood each day. That's why I feel compelled to tell all of you that whether you enter a story or not, you should pay attention to those who do. Someone will write something that resonates with you. Someone's work will speak to you. Discussions in the comments of each entry will peak your interest in someone else. In one event, you could come out with at least one or two loyal new readers, and someone new to visit as you make your blogging rounds each day. When you look at it that way, everyone wins.

If this is your first contest, like Two Lights was mine, I wish you the best of luck. I took great pride out of finding the courage to submit something. It was the stepping stone I needed to get out there and dare to suck.

As I approach my two month anniversary of blogging, I can see how the blog is changing. My original intentions grew into something else. I like where it's going. I feel like part of the community. I enjoy visiting you in your space each day and I am pleased to know you like coming to mine. Thank you. A note to new readers: if I have neglected to put you on my blogroll, please let me know. I've tried to keep up to date but I feel like I am missing someone.


One Response to “Stories and Friends”

  1. Flood said

    It’s amazing that you only just started this blog. It really has turned into something special.

    I’m pumped for Jason’s new contest. You are so right about making the connections. Even making one is reason enough, don’t you think?
    Scott | Homepage | 06.20.06 – 7:44 am | #

    Gravatar One connection is definately reason enough, Scott.

    I do hope everyone will enter though. The more the merrier.
    Flood | Homepage | 06.20.06 – 8:29 am | #

    Gravatar Thanks so much Flood! It’s a privilege to be part of such a wonderful community. The contests are a way I can give something back.

    Hope to see all of you over at the contest later this week! I’m curious to know where the “Midnight Road” leads you.
    Jason Evans | Homepage | 06.20.06 – 8:57 am | #

    Gravatar All the things you say, Flood.
    This is a great blog.
    Bernita | Homepage | 06.20.06 – 9:54 am | #

    Gravatar Only two months? It seems like you’ve been doing this forever. Keep up the good work, because I absolutely love coming here.
    Rebecca | Homepage | 06.20.06 – 10:33 am | #

    Gravatar I like your blog.
    Linda | Homepage | 06.20.06 – 1:04 pm | #

    Gravatar You’ve only had this blog for 2 months? Sure seems longer than that (and I mean that in a good way).
    mr. schprock | Homepage | 06.20.06 – 2:42 pm | #

    Gravatar Thanks, you guys. I feel like part of the furniture already.
    Flood | Homepage | 06.20.06 – 3:18 pm | #

    Gravatar But you’re nice furnture–a beautiful antique chaise covered in red silk.
    Jaye Wells | Homepage | 06.20.06 – 5:11 pm | #

    Gravatar Count me as a fan of Flash Flood.
    Jeff | Homepage | 06.20.06 – 7:27 pm | #

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