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I Got Hit 2000 times…

Posted by Flood on June 27, 2006

…and I loved it.

FlashFlood’s 2000th visitor, Mitch, doesn’t actually win anything but my recognition in this post.

Congratulations, Mitch!

I’ve decided I’m not going to worry about numbers anymore until visitor 10,000 approaches. Ok, maybe 5000.

FF is getting some new visitors as a result of the Midnight Road contest and I would like to take a minute to explain the purpose of the Monday interviews while they pop in.

I’ve thought about how I will know that I made it, and decided my first interview would be a major milestone. I’ve fantasized about it, had the entire conversation in my head and written portions of it out. It’s a fun little visual for me to keep motivated when I’m feeling low.

I figured that if I was thinking this way, other people might be thinking the same thing, so I posted about interviewing writers who blog, who are on their way to their goals. I roped in some readers to be subjects and here we are. While it’s a fun exercise that appeals to the inner kid, each of us has something to offer the rest of the group and there’s always something to take with you and use in your writing career.

Because writers at any stage of publication are interesting, we’ll sit down newly published, the very near published, and those taking baby-steps. I hope you’ll join us.

There are links in the side bar to the interviews you might have missed. If you would like to participate as a subject, feel free to email me. Tomorrow is Monday and that means a new interview. Forrest Landry from For The Trees shares his thoughts on POD and his writing journey. Don’t miss it. While some of us have issues with print-on-demand, I think you will still find Forrest’s reasons of some interest. When it comes to writing we all have to ask ourselves, Why am I doing this? Forrest will be fielding questions and comments tomorrow as well.

Hope to see you then.


One Response to “I Got Hit 2000 times…”

  1. michaelm said

    Congrats, dude.
    There’s so much well written work here.
    Well deserved.


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