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Blogs and Other links

  • -Absolute Write Forum
  • -Adventures In Writing
  • -All *Blog* Stars
  • -All Kinds Of Writing
  • -A Newbie's Guide to Publishing
  • -An Innocent A-Blog
  • -Blurred Line
  • -Clarity of Night (The)
  • -Contest Compilation by Sally Q
  • -Evil Editor
  • -First Drafts
  • -Flashing in the Gutters
  • -Hard To Want
  • -Jamie Ford
  • -Jaye's Blahg
  • -Little Puddle
  • -Lorelle on WordPress
  • -Mississippi Mud Pie
  • -Miss Snark:The Literary Agent
  • -On Life as a Sarcastic FringeHead
  • -Places For Writers Contests
  • -PostSecret
  • -Project Gutenberg
  • -Saddest Thing I Own (The)
  • -Schprock Report (The)
  • -Sunday Scribblings
  • -Taurean Thoughts of Fire
  • -Untalented Writer
  • -Write Thing (The)
  • -Writing Blind
  • -Writing World Contest Database
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